"Happiness in Christ"
A 13-Day e-Course To Find Real Happiness

Would you like to be one of the millions of people who have found happiness in a relationship with Jesus Christ?

Give yourself 13 days to find a lasting real happiness.

Our "Happiness in Christ" e-Course gets right to the heart of your problems, and not only offers help, but also gives you the calm assurance that God is in ultimate control --
and what's more, He loves you!

Discover the answers for yourself, receive.....

  • Love

  • Happiness

  • Eternity

Don't wait! Join us today! Take the simple steps that can help lead you to a satisfying life.

When you sign up you will receive (in your inbox) 1 issue of the free e-Course "Happiness in Christ" for the next 13 days. You may take as long as you need to study and restudy them. Each time you go over them you will glean more wisdom.

May God enrich your life... according to your needs and expectations.

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